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      Star Tang core products

      Companies adhere to the “, magnetic drive new technology, safety, environmental protection, no leakage, and related diversified products ” development strategy

      ISO9001 quality system certification, the national high-tech enterprises, brand-name products in Anhui Province, Anhui famous trademarks, China pump top ten brands

      Star Tang industry with advanced technology level, modular design, mass production, to reduce costs, so as to provide you with a more favorable price

      Star Tang Dynasty pump is the national network sales champion, all products are factory direct sales, and compared with the traditional sales model, the star of the Tang Dynasty firmly occupy the market price advantage

      Has a number of independent research and development and the introduction of technology, the establishment of a research base of HeFei University of Technology, introduced the world advanced CFD fluid mechanics analysis of interior flow, forming a technology system with independent intellectual property rights as the core

      With 8 national invention patents, there are more than 30 patents. The first domestic R & D and production of anti idling magnetic pump, high-speed leak free chemical process magnetic pump, large flow, high head, no leakage, chemical process, magnetic pump

      Independent research and development, production of API685, API610, GB2730-2012 and other standards, no leakage of chemical processes, magnetic pumps, liquid magnetic pumps, high-speed magnetic pumps, multi-stage magnetic pumps, high temperature and high pressure magnetic pumps, chemical processes centrifugal pumps

      Axial flow pump, pump, liquid pump, fluorine magnetic pump, fluorine pump, self-priming pump, slurry pump and other more than 50 series products, services in the industry safety corrosion fluid transportation

      The company has professional pre-sales, sale, customer service service team, powerful network system at any time for you to provide technical support for full control of the order fulfillment process, covering the — national service network; — 32 sales branches and offices, the implementation of 24 hours rapid response mechanism, to respond to customer needs

      The star Tang Dynasty pump has a fast logistics delivery system to ensure your goods are delivered on time
      Star of the Tang Dynasty pump service was named " national service and reputation AAA class enterprise "

        Production process of star flourishing Tang Dynasty
      1.Design 2.Mold manufacturing 3.casting 4.Sand blasting 5.Warehousing inspection 6.Machining
      7.Static pressure test 8.Spray 9.assembling 10.Performance test 11.Quality testing 12.Logistics distribution
        Technology Center
      News information
      Anhui Tang technical training Valve 2016/5/3
      [Valve] Tang Ching Ming Festival event h 2016/4/9
      Our newly developed high-power high-lift 2013/10/17

      Anhui Teflon Group Co., Ltd. is a professional committed no leakage magnetic drive pump, fluorine plastic, engineering plastics, corrosion resistant stainless steel valves and anti-corrosion equipment development, design, production and sales of modern large-scale manufacturing enterprise, is headquartered in the province's political, economic, cultural, information, financial and commercial center, the country's major research and education base, the core city of the national demonstration area industries to relocate to Little city with Hefei; production base is located in shocking "Wannan Incident" took place, history long Gangnam towns - Jingyang County, Anhui Maolin town, covers an area of 50,000 square meters, of which the construction area of 30,000 square meters, the annual output value of several million dollars.


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